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24-08-2019 (19:30)
Join us at rile* for the joint launch of Not Not Nothing by Mette Edvardsen and Something Some things Something else by Jeroen Peeters. Choreographer Mette Edvardsen and writer/dramaturg Jeroen Peeters will perform readings from their new books both published in February 2019 and present their publishing house Varamo Press.

Not Not Nothi (...)
25-08-2019 (18:00)
rile* invites Rachel Levitsky (writer, editor and founder of Belladonna* Collaborative) and Nathalie Rozanes (writer, actor and performer) for an evening of readings and presentations. To mark the 20th anniversary of Belladonna* Collaborative, a feminist publishing collective based in New York, Rachel Levitsky will give a presentation on Anarcho-f (...)
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188 Chloe Chignell and Maia MeansThis Container (Ed. 7)Self-Published10 eurosThis Container is an open host for texts and documents that come through and alongside choreographic thinking. It’s a recipe, but not for eating; a sequel to everything up until now; horizontal tourism; many feminists’ elegy; opinions weakened with time; an inaudible lesbian opera; a future ballet manifesto; dances and desires; cheating discip (...)
187 The PoeticiansPontus PetterssonSelf-Published10 eurosThe Poeticians is a publication of the performance of the collection of clothes and poetry called Writing Wounds To Heal by Swedish choreographer Pontus Pettersson. Made in velvet silk with the poetry burned out in the fabric exposing the texts, the poetry exposes both itself and the skin of the performer. Throughout the durational piece the perfor (...)
186 The Wind Excorts The SkyPontus PetterssonSelf-Published10 eurosThe Wind Escorts The Sky (Weld 2017) is the second part of Pontus Pettersson’s project Poetic Procedures. The project and performance looks into the relation between dance and poetry and how these practices can unfold in the situation of a dance class and with the case of The wind Escorts The Sky; a stage performance. This is the publication that (...)
185 Writing Wounds to HealPontus PetterssonSelf-Published12 eurosWriting Wounds to Heal (2015) is a project that uses clothes and photography to express poetry in between the field of clothes, choreography, photography, performance and documentation led by Pontus Pettersson.
184 Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft ArchitectureLisa RobertsonCoach House Books20 eurosThis delectable book collects the rococo prose of Lisa Robertson. There are essays - many originally published as catalogue texts by art galleries - on the syntax of the suburban home, Vancouver fountains, Value Village, the joy of synthetics, scaffolding and the persistence of the Himalayan blackberry. It makes for one of the most intriguing books (...)
183 Magenta Soul WhipLisa RobertsonCoach House Books15 eurosLisa Robertson writes poems that mine the past -- its ideas, its personages, its syntax -- to construct a lexicon of the future. Her poems both court and cuckold subjectivity by unmasking its fundament of sex and hesitancy, the coil of doubt in its certitude. Reading her laments and utopias, we realize that language -- whiplike -- casts ahead of it (...)
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