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Writing Dance
Jonathan Burrows
Varamo Press - 10.00€ -

‘Human beings embody whatever they meet, and it’s all there when you work whether you want it there or not.’ Practice is like the dust that accumulates, and revisiting fragments of essays and talks on choreography Jonathan Burrows ended up embracing the haphazard and the mess, moments of unfocus and focus, harnessing them in pithy formulations and scores, adding room and punctuation and line breaks in the process so readers can hear the rhythm as he writes his dance on writing dance.

Jonathan Burrows is a choreographer, who has worked for many years in collaboration with the composer Matteo Fargion, with whom he continues to create and perform work. He is the author of A Choreographer’s Handbook (Routledge, 2010) and is currently an Associate Professor at the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University.

Published by Varamo Press in the essay series Gestures
Graphic design by Michaël Bussaer

Being a Chair. Essays on Choreographic Poetry
Janne-Camilla Lyster
Varamo Press - 10.00€ -

Imagine words approaching a dance eyes closed or sleepwalking, words adrift beyond what can be envisioned beforehand, prompting writer and reader alike into a zone where time multiplies, where bodies grow footnotes and paper skin, savour the taste of language, attune their ears to the wavelength of blue. In a string of brief essays on her practice of writing choreographic poetry and scores, Janne-Camilla Lyster offers reflections on time, memory and the senses, on translation, punctuation and rhythm, on mistakes and crevasses, on the impossible and yet other things. What does it take to enter another form of existence, say, a chair?

Janne-Camilla Lyster is a writer, dancer and choreographer. She has published poetry, novels, essays and plays.

And then it got legs: Notes on dance dramaturgy
Jeroen Peeters
Varamo Press - 15.00€ -

Drawing on his experience in the field of contemporary dance, Jeroen Peeters discusses principles, methods and practices that contribute to an understanding of dramaturgy as an experimental, collaborative practice and a material form of thinking.

Written from practice, this book reflects a particular history of collaboration and conversation with dance-makers such as Martin Nachbar, Meg Stuart, Vera Mantero, Sabina Holzer, Lisa Nelson, Jennifer Lacey, Chrysa Parkinson, deufert + plischke, Eleanor Bauer, Philipp Gehmacher and many others.

Phantasmal archaeology, unfolding material, literal and physical reading, crafting method, articulating process, witnessing and performing not-knowing, naming and ritual destruction, conceptual landscapes, symbolic waste, internal fictions and foreign objects – they may all play a role in creation and in exploring the unfamiliar in pursuit of making sense.

And then it got legs is an invitation to think along or against, to discuss those ideas with others or explore them in the studio, and eventually to imagine and devise one’s own methods of research, observation, reflection and creation.

Girls Like Us #6 - Secrets
Jessica Geysel, Sara Kaaman, Katja Mater, Marnie Slater (eds.)
Girls Like Us - 8.00€ -

A secret can be a private space for self-creation – or a shared site of pleasure.

We explore secrets in a plethora of forms and contexts. From layered accounts of mediaeval ecstasy to the unexplored sensory experience of smell. From camouflaged play to queer readings of astrological charts and the hidden history of house music. From a very analog point of view to the outskirts of the internet.

The Error is Regretted
Anita Di Bianco
The Green Box - 30.00€ -

‘Corrections and Clarifications’ is an ongoing newsprint project by Anita Di Bianco, an edited compilation of daily revisions, retractions, re-wordings, distinctions, and apologies to print news from September 2001 to the present. In essence, a reverse chronological catalogue of lapses in naming and classification, tangled catchphrases, and patterns of misspeak and inflection.

Previous editions have examined the printed news media in the United States and United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and other international press from Asia, Turkey, and the Balkans printed in English. The publication includes text contributions by Di Bianco and Francesco Gagliardi.

108 p, ills bw, 24 x 32 cm, hb, German/English

The Mollino Set
Lytle Shaw
Rollo Press & Cabinet Books - 18.00€ -

New York-based professor Lytle Shaw journeys to Italy in this adventurous exploration of the life and work of architect, designer, and photographer Carlo Mollino (1905–1973). In 1933 the young Mollino received a commission from Mussolini’s regime for his first building: an administrative centre in Piedmont. Later works include furniture and interior design, a book on photography, and an asymmetrical car that raced at Le Mans in 1955.

The book centres around Shaw’s realisation that this prolific talent’s conflicted legacy offers a unique window on the role that post-war Italian politics and culture played in the country’s reimagining of itself as a victim, rather than a proponent, of fascism.

Caroline Bachmann
Nieves - 10.00€ -

Caroline Bachmann's dawn paintings.

Caroline Bachmann's paintings owe as much to turn-of-last-century Symbolism—in their attempt to depict an infinite stillness, whose synthetic depiction of nature could be mistaken for that of eternity—as to plein air painting. The artist lives and works on the shore of Lake Geneva, where she spends hours contemplating the scenery, recording with a lead pencil on paper minute details of atmospheric events, making notes in the margins of subtle colour changes—not unlike comic book colourists of the pre-digital age, whose job it was to pass on to engravers written codes corresponding to the 64 possible combinations of percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow and black at their disposal. Back in the studio, the paintings are then built up over a lengthy period of time with translucent glazes of oil paint.

Encounters – Embodied Practices
Sandhya Daemgen, Raphael Hillebrandt, Martha Hincapié Charry, Matthias Mohr (eds.)
Archive Books - 21.00€ -

Conversations about embodied strategies of knowledge production and knowledge transmission based on the choreographic and curatorial practices of about fifteen international choreographers, performers, dramaturges and curators.

In the context of the numerous ethical-political challenges of the global present, actors from the dance and choreography scene both in Berlin and internationally talk about forms of knowledge production beyond the prevailing conception found in Western modernity. They counter the mind-body separation and the notion of a universality of knowledge with multiplicities of knowledge production that emerge with and from the reality of differently situated bodies.

What potential do embodied practices offer for emancipatory movements? How can community be created through these practices, and what responsibilities does this entail? What role does the body play in the preservation and transmission of knowledge?

In this publication, edited by the choreographers and curators Martha Hincapié Charry, Sandhya Daemgen, Raphael Moussa Hillebrand and Matthias Mohr; Lukas Avendaño, Wagner Carvalho, Sandhya Daemgen, Ismail Fayed, Alex Hennig, Raphael Moussa Hillebrand, Martha Hincapié Charry, Isabel Lewis, Matthias Mohr, Prince Ofori, Mother "Leo" Saint Laurent, Léna Szirmay-Kalos, Thiago Granato and July Weber conduct conversations about embodied strategies of knowledge production and knowledge transmission based on their respective choreographic and curatorial practices.

Campo di Marte
Nathalie du Pasquier
Humboldt Books - 25.00€ -

Campo di Marte was devised in March 2020, at a time when Nathalie Du Pasquier was not painting. After cutting out photos of paintings produced between the 1980s and 2020, the French artist then placed them in a sequence as if they were a series of typefaces, focusing solely on their formal qualities and the scope for interpretation offered by their assembly. What comes out is an enchanting game of nonsense, an everyday surrealism in which the images make up sentences of sorts, interwoven with various elements taken from the world of books: titles, poems or mere calculations – times when the artist was lost for words.

As Du Pasquier states: "The book was supposed to come out at the same time as the exhibition opening. That won't be the case, but it doesn't matter as they really are two separate things. This paperback is not a catalogue at all: it's something you can browse through even while sitting on the underground."

Pour des écoles d'art féministes !
Lilith Bodineau, Adèle Bornais, Nelly Catheland (eo.)
Tombolo Press - 20.00€ -

A collective manifesto for feminist art schools.

Bringing a series of intersectional feminist lectures, interviews, workshops and discussion groups back to an art school is crucial to sharing tools for emancipation and challenging the implicit criteria that structure our views and practices (identification with Western visual norms, romantic-capitalist representations of the artist-author, etc.). It is vital to give a voice to artists and those who support them in the ways in which they deal with, and even elude, relations of power.

The primary aim of this book is to share the content hosted and produced at the École Supérieure d'Art de Clermont Métropole between 2017 and 2022. It is also an opportunity to work with a group of students, artists and researchers, to think about how invitations and the production of the book can be drawn up collectively; it is a tool for collective and ideally horizontal pedagogical work within a hierarchical and hierarchizing institution. The invitations, transcription and editing of the texts were done jointly.

Edited by Lilith Bodineau, Adèle Bornais, Nelly Catheland, Charlotte Durand, Martha Fely, Lola Fontanié, Eulalie Gornes, Chloé Grard, Sophie Lapalu, Eden Lebegue, Michèle Martel, Sarah Netter, Clémentine Palluy, Mauve Perolari, Simon Pastoors, Rune Segaut, Danaé Seigneur.

Texts by Nino André & Vinciane Mandrin, Rachele Borghi, Tadeo Cervantes, Adiaratou Diarrassouba, Kaoutar Harchi, T*Félixe Kazi-Tani, Nassira Hedjerassi, Gærald Kurdian, H.Alix Sanyas, Sophie Orlando, Émilie Renard, Liv Schulman, Danaé Seigneur, Pau Simon.

Histoire de la séparation
Éditions Sans Soleil - 16.00€ -

Pour les révolutionnaires des deux derniers siècles, l’accumulation du capital devait unifier la classe ouvrière sous la bannière du sujet révolutionnaire. Le mouvement ainsi né était appelé à renverser la société de classes et les clivages divisant les prolétaires. Mais le mouvement de la valeur a finalement triomphé, pour donner naissance à la société de la séparation. L’atomisation a pris le pas sur les puissances du rassemblement. La civilisation du capital traverse aujourd’hui une crise sans fin, mais les forces capables de la défaire brillent par leur absence.

Ces textes tirés de la revue Endnotes, réunis pour la première fois en français, dessinent la carte d’un présent ponctué de paysages désindustrialisés, de centres logistiques et de bidonvilles où s’entassent les populations rejetées aux marges de l’accumulation – autant de coordonnées nécessaires pour continuer à penser le dépassement du capitalisme : une fois encore, reprendre le chantier de l’hypothèse communiste.

Endnotes est une revue théorique communiste produite par un groupe de discussion du même nom basé en Grande-Bretagne et aux États-Unis.

Traduction: Pablo Arnaud
Préface: Aaron Benanav Et John Clegg

Abécédaire d’auto-édtion féministe
Labrosse Apolline et Clémentine
Censored Magazine - 15.00€ -

Combien rêvent de créer leur propre magazine ? Comment s’y prendre ? Pensé comme un guide, ce livre rassemble des outils, techniques, ressources, conseils et idées pour qui voudrait se lancer dans l’auto-édition ou l’édition. Révolutions éditoriales, graphiques et artistiques - il questionne en même temps l’existence d’une pratique féministe de l’imprimé autonome. Un abécédaire subjectif, joyeux et non exhaustif imaginé par les fondatrices autodidactes de la revue Censored - issu de leurs expériences et de leurs rencontres.

L’objectif de ce livre est de divulger et transmettre la méthode employée par Apolline et Clémentine Labrosse pour publier Censored, de la maquette Indesign à la promotion, en passant par l’organisation interne. Accessibilité, budget, droits, écriture inclusive, La Poste, graphisme, obligations légales… Au total, plus de 60 mots pour transmettre leur vision, hacks et autres stratagèmes. Ce livre est le fruit d’un constat : alors que nous sommes nombreuxses à voir dans l’imprimé un pouvoir révolutionnaire et un terrain d’expression créative et de lutte - difficile d’obtenir des informations pour apprendre à créer un zine, une revue soi-même, à diffuser massivement ou localement. L’édition ne se contente pas de délivrer une recette concrète, mais présente également des observations et réflexions après cinq années d’exploration des nombreuses stratégies visant à amplifier les voix en marge et à transformer les imaginaires : du mouvement des riot grrrls à la création de structures plus officielles.

Ce livre est le deuxième publié aux éditions trouble. Il a été relu et amélioré par Isabella Utria Mago, Elvire Duvelle-Charles et Maria Tasso.

Par-Delà Les Frontières Du Corps
Silvia Federici
Éditions Divergences - 15.00€ -

Comment reprendre corps ? Comment nous rapporter au corps, cet objet éminemment historique, domestiqué, violenté, pathologisé ? Silvia Federici répond : écoutons le langage du corps, sa fragilité et ses imperfections, afin de retrouver, par-delà ses frontières, la continuité magique qui nous relie aux autres êtres vivants qui peuplent la terre. Mais surtout, identifions la plaie : les rapports sociaux de genre, de classe et de race. Dans cet ouvrage accessible et personnel, en discussion avec les mouvements féministes contemporains, Silvia Federici entreprend d’extirper nos corps des pouvoirs et des dispositifs technologiques qui les aliènent et les transforment. Politiques de l’identité, chirurgie de transformation des corps, nouvelles technologies reproductives, ce livre examine avec lucidité ces questions brûlantes qui traversent le champ féministe.

Traduit de l'anglais par Léa Nicolas-Teboul

À Propos D'Amour
bell hooks
Éditions Divergences - 16.00€ -

Parmi les livres les plus appréciés de bell hooks, À propos d’amour est un texte singulier. Avec sa perspicacité habituelle et ses talents de vulgarisatrice, l’autrice afroféministe s’y attaque à une thématique rarement abordée de front en théorie politique. Définissant l’amour comme un acte et non comme un sentiment, bell hooks démonte tous les obstacles que la culture patriarcale oppose à des relations d’amour saines, et envisage un art d’aimer qui ne se résume pas au frisson de l’attraction ou à la simple tendresse. Recourant à la philosophie morale comme à la psychologie, elle s’en prend au cynisme narquois qui entoure les discussions au sujet de l’amour, et s’attache à redonner toute sa noblesse à la possibilité de l’amour, dans une perspective féministe.

GLORIA JEAN WATKINS, connue sous son nom de plume BELL HOOKS, née en 1952, est une intellectuelle, féministe, et militante étasunienne. Elle a publié plus de trente livres et de nombreux articles, et est apparue dans plusieurs films documentaires. Traduits dans de nombreuses langues, ses ouvrages sont considérés parmi les plus importants sur la question aux Etats-Unis et suscitent un réel engouement en France depuis quelques années. Les éditions divergences ont déjà traduit et publié deux de ses ouvrages Tout le monde peut être féministe et La volonté de changer.

La Volonté de Changer
bell hooks
Éditions Divergences - 16.00€ -

Si pour beaucoup d’hommes, le féminisme est une affaire de femmes, bell hooks s’attelle ici à démontrer le contraire. La culture patriarcale, pour fabriquer de « vrais hommes », exige d’eux un sacrifice. Malgré les avantages et le rôle de premier choix dont ils bénéficient, ces derniers doivent se faire violence et violenter leurs proches pour devenir des dominants, mutilant par là-même leur vie affective. La volonté de changer est un des premiers ouvrages féministes à poser clairement la question de la masculinité. En abordant les préoccupations les plus courantes des hommes, de la peur de l’intimité au malheur amoureux, en passant par l’injonction au travail, à la virilité et à la performance sexuelle, bell hooks donne un aperçu saisissant de ce que pourrait être une masculinité libérée, donc féministe.

Spatial Folders #1
Golnar Abbasi, Kris Dittel (eds.)
MIARD - 18.00€ -

This publication is the first issue of ‘Spatial Folders’, a thematic periodical that is produced by the faculty of Master Interior Architecture: Research and Design (MIARD) program at Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. It is composed of a selection of graduation theses alongside contributions by guest authors that focus on urgent socio-cultural, socio-political, and ecological issues that affect the (built) environment and its representation regimes.

This first issue focuses on extraction and extractivism that characterises the power structures that make our worlds and their historicities. Across time extraction processes have been making and changing the spaces of the world through displacement of bodies and matter, from within and across the earth. At the same time, these processes establish epistemologies and forms of representation that articulate extraction as natural or inevitable within the frameworks of anthropocentrism, capitalism, colonialism, racism, or hetero-reproductivism.

This collection of texts approaches the question of extraction from a variety of spatial perspectives. The contributions zoom in to specific sites, cases, and areas of interest while providing a critical analysis of various networks of power and influence across time and space. These works do not turn away from the material aspect of extraction but rather closely trace the spatial and material conditions and consequences of extraction in the case of oil, hormones, milk, wood, and water, among others.

With Kris Dittel, Golnar Abbasi, Eva Garibaldi, Shiila Infriccioli, Natasha Marie Llorens, Jane Rendell, Shonali Shetty, Alex Augusto, Suárez Agnes Tatzber, Elien Vermoortel, Dominique Willis, Clementine Edwards, Zoraïma Hupkes

Design by Dongyoung Lee

Full Auto 3: The Title of This Work is to be Sketched
Benjamin McMillan
Self-Published - 22.00€ -

Part documentation, part drawing tool, fa3 is a publication that contains the work done through full auto foundry, a workshop-based type foundry that explores how processes of automation and tool-assisted sketching can influence the design of typefaces.

Using analogue tools, participants of the workshops are encouraged to draw letterforms without thinking too much about what the letter should be. Absent-minded drawing and doodling replace thought-out design, leading to alphabets quickly (and sometimes slowly) emerging through the repetition of mark-making. The quality, in a traditional sense, of these letterforms becomes less important than the quantity of them and the marks that were drawn to produce them, this often leads to oddly inconsistent but exciting typefaces. Once the sketches that the participants produce are finished, they are scanned and go through a process of automated digitisation. Each typeface that is produced is available with an open-source license, free to download and free to manipulate.

fa3 is a publication that is both a collection of all the drawing tools that have been designed/used in workshops and a drawing tool itself. Using these pages as a traceable surface the reader/drawer can combine forms and patterns together with the goal of creating letters.

Seaside_009: Correlations/co-relations
Outline (eds.)
Outline - 6.00€ -

Seaside_009: Correlations/co-relations: was read and listened to collectively during a gathering on 13 October 2023 during BYOB Art Book Fair at Enter Enter in Amsterdam. This loosely connected patchwork of bootlegged texts and collected sounds all deal with notions of the archive and the remix in some way or another. Together they form a soft proposal for a publishing practice based around dubbing, multivocality and “speaking nearby”.

Women Looking at Women Looking at Women
Annemarie Wadlow
Page Not Found - 20.00€ -

In what ways have women artists come together to investigate their own image? This publication delves into histories of feminist and queer collective practice, expanding on the various ways women claim agency of their identity, via collaborations that connect intergenerational and far-away friendships. Each chapter features artistic and theoretical case studies that discuss images produced by women artists, about women artists; proposing that to gaze upon someone represented with care and autonomy provides more affirmative ways to relate to ourselves. It discovers that to pay homage to overlooked knowledge of women artists builds a case for the artist as researcher. Only by engaging in both roles can we unveil what is not taught in the mainstream and inspire a more inclusive, generous future.

Each aspect of the book’s design is a collaborative endeavour, expanding the notion of individual authorship. It is with this sentiment that creating the publication became research in itself, via collaboration with both direct peers and an extended genealogy.

“Women Looking at Women Looking at Women” is designed by Marijn van der Leeuw, Esther Vane, India Scrimgeour, Hannah Williams and Annemarie Wadlow.

Annemarie Wadlow (1993, UK) is a research-led artist working between moving image, writing and photography. Her work explores the middle ground between image and imagination, questioning notions of inheritance, personal identity and belonging. She is the co-founder of Nice Flaps, an artist initiative that hosts experimental life drawing sessions.

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