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Hugo Boutry
Self-Published - 32.00€ -

ÉCHOS is an intuitive investigation, redacted by using a compact digital camera. Those photos date from 2014 to 2018 and were shot in and around Brussels (up to 1350 km away), at any time of day or night, following a simple desire to look at things intensely and interpret signs playfully.

200 numbered copies
212 pages color photography printed in BE
With an introducing text by Constantin Carsoux

Dead Minutes
Tom K. Kemp
Self-Published - 9.00€ -

Dead Minutes is a storytelling game about systemic change in an undesirable afterlife. You, the players, will decide what this hell, underworld or land of the dead is like, what its problems are, how change happens there, and what the complications might be when altering something so big, involving so many dead people, over so much time. It’s a game about impossible seeming actions at impossible seeming scales, making difficult choices, and dealing with unexpected outcomes.

The first half of this book gives you everything you need to play a session of Dead Minutes, which takes 2-5 hours with 3-6 people.

The second half features an essay by Patricia Reed that expands on the concepts of heuristic fictions and vital zombies in relation to the afterlife, and a series of afterlife generating 'seeds' contributed by different types of writers - a demonic boardroom presentation by writer and art critic Habib William Kherbek, a ritual from horror game designer Samuel Clarice Mui Shen Ern, a premise by Arthur C Clarke award winning author Chris Beckett, and a letter from Selma Selman.

Mycoscores / Choreospores
Maija Hirvanen
Self-Published - 27.00€ -

Mycoscores / Choreospores is a set of artistic scores for exploring the connections between fungal and human ways of being, particularly through movement and dance. The scores propose starting points for dancing, weaving together social connections, composing and exploring performativity.

The publication consists of 31 cards, each presenting a single score, a booklet with a text entitled Fungi Feel, the introduction, instructions, a glossary and additional short text entries accompanying the scores.

Scores, writing and concept by Maija Hirvanen
Graphic design: Arja Karhumaa
Publisher: Friends of Physical Contemporary Art, in the frame of Performing Portals project. In collaboration with DAS Research/DAS Publishing, Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam. Published Jan. 2024

Ce qui fut et ce qui sera
Sammy Baloji
Self-Published - 18.00€ -  out of stock

This collective book devoted to the work of Sammy Baloji explores how the artist, born in the DRC in 1978, attempts to “restore defeated connections”.

How to think about the memory sifted through colonial violence? What effects does the mining of yesterday and today in Katanga and elsewhere have on the project of a common future? How does form make history beyond erasure?

Sammy Baloji (born 1978 in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo)'s photographs and videos have their roots deep in the ongoing upheavals in Democratic Republic of Congo: the often invisible consequences of the mining of rare minerals used for electronic components; China's gigantic investments all over the African continent; and his country's industrial and cultural heritage. His photographs have taken out many prizes including the Prince Claus Award, the Spiegel Prize and the Rolex Award and have been shown at the Rencontres d'Arles, the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst (Frankfurt), the Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon/Paris) and the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art (Washington).

Texts by Sammy Baloji, Lotte Arndt, Julien Bondaz, Baptiste Brun, Jean-François Chevrier, Dominique Malaquais, Fiston Mwanza Mujila.

And you are sinking, sinking, sleeper
Lucy Cordes Engelman
Self-Published - 17.00€ -

The topics in this publication circle around watery submerged knowledge; including the drowned land between the Netherlands and Britain (called Doggerland), the Neolithic marine goddess, Nehalennia, and the timber ritual circle referred to as Seahenge.

‘And you are sinking, sinking, sleeper’ focuses on how the ancient peoples of the Netherlands related to the ocean and surrounding waters. The publication consists of resources and notes the author took in her journal during the research process, a series of prints she made while in residence Frans Masereel Centrum and a fictionalized reflection on her own personal relationship to water while living in such a wet wet land.

Our Silver Lining
Maite Vanhellemont
Self-Published - 20.00€ -

Our Silver Lining is an ongoing collection of everyday observations by Maite Vanhellemont.

"All film stills and photos collected in this publication were unstaged and shot between the spring of 2018 and the winter of 2020 using a iPhone 8. A selection of the film stills was previously shown during a digital pop-up exhibition in Amsterdam's subway network in the context of Museum Nacht 2019.

The text ‘Wat Niemand Ziet’ is also part of Jan Zwaaneveld’s collection of short stories of the same name, which was published in the spring of 2021. The title of this publication refers to a text I came across above a house in Ostend (BE), during a family weekend in the autumn of 2018. Perhaps according to some a cliché, but I experienced this as a piece of poetry, which you sometimes just stumble upon."

Mathilde Heuliez
Self-Published - 15.00€ -

Sore is a publication that brings together seven texts by authors whose writing practice oscillates between the genres of diary and fiction. Observations of every- day life, memories and cultural references intertwine to form an ensemble of texts that highlight the significance of the soreness we carry within us.

With contributions from : Niklas Büscher, Tindra Eliason, Céline Mathieu, Jonathan Lubasch, E. Eriskat, Emma Bombail and Bryony Dawson + an introduction by Mathilde Heuliez.
Graphic design: Lisa Lagova

Why Do Hoodie Strings Taste So Good?
Ignacy Radtke
Self-Published - 35.00€ -

This text is an attempt to explain the importance of comfort regulation, through sensory stimulation. Whether that be from fidgeting, through masturbation to cuddling and other activities. This thesis is about self-regulation and the objects which visualise that need. From the Freudian psychoanalysis idea of child development through transitional objects introduced by Donald Winnicot to Dakimakura phenomena in otaku culture in a Japanese society that seeks closeness to cute pastelle vibrators which are overflowing the sex toys market. The attempt to answer this question: “Why do hoodie strings taste so good?” seeks to answer the overarching need for constant adjustment to the environment we live in.

I’m intrigued by the need for biting, sucking, and tapping random objects. The fidgeting era is here! We are overwhelmed by all kinds of spinners, popping toys, anti-stress devices, dopamine booster, etc. What is it all about and why have fidget spinners became such a hype in the recent years? Have you ever considered why your hoodie strings taste so good? Have you caught yourself while compulsively sucking them in the metro or at the bus stop? This thesis will endeavour to answer these questions. The answer might be much easier and more pragmatic than we think. In contradiction to my deep analysis in the following sections, one of the reddit users wrote in response to the above question: Why do hoodie strings taste so good?

“Just don’t do it! After sucking them a few times, they become bacteria factories/colonies, so taste (and probably smell) evolves over time. Don’t suck and chew them!! They do, however, work as good, reachable things to practise finger dexterity – to tie knots into and practice rope binding”

Zoo Index - Reader (volume 1)
Terezie Štindlová
Self-Published - 28.00€ -  out of stock

Zoo Index Reader examines the relevance and effect that zoos have in shaping our gaze towards non-human animals and by extension ourselves/each other.

Through a mixture of visual research into zoological space—in the form of an A-Z glossary—and written contributions on the history of menageries, the confinement and privatization of land, pets, zoo architecture, the "naturalization" of animals, and the role of zoos and animals in the history of cinema, among many other things, this first volume asks: Do we need zoos? What does a meaningful coexistence with animals look like? Why have we decided to give a balloon to an elephant?

With Terezie Štindlová, jacob lindgren, A+E Collective, Chanelle Adams, John Berger, Andrea Branzi, David Hancocks, Eliot Haworth, Institute for Postnatural Studies, Suzanne van der Lingen, Angelo Renna, Laurel Schwulst, Richard Weller.

Designed by Terezie Štindlová

Full Auto 3: The Title of This Work is to be Sketched
Benjamin McMillan
Self-Published - 22.00€ -

Part documentation, part drawing tool, fa3 is a publication that contains the work done through full auto foundry, a workshop-based type foundry that explores how processes of automation and tool-assisted sketching can influence the design of typefaces.

Using analogue tools, participants of the workshops are encouraged to draw letterforms without thinking too much about what the letter should be. Absent-minded drawing and doodling replace thought-out design, leading to alphabets quickly (and sometimes slowly) emerging through the repetition of mark-making. The quality, in a traditional sense, of these letterforms becomes less important than the quantity of them and the marks that were drawn to produce them, this often leads to oddly inconsistent but exciting typefaces. Once the sketches that the participants produce are finished, they are scanned and go through a process of automated digitisation. Each typeface that is produced is available with an open-source license, free to download and free to manipulate.

fa3 is a publication that is both a collection of all the drawing tools that have been designed/used in workshops and a drawing tool itself. Using these pages as a traceable surface the reader/drawer can combine forms and patterns together with the goal of creating letters.

Lava Lines
Naïmé Perrette (ed.)
Self-Published - 16.00€ -

Lava Lines explores the life forms, contemporary myths and geopolitical powers that shape volcanic landscapes. It gathers poetry, role play's transcription, film scripts and visual works of several artists, to touch on collective memory, non-human agency and myth-making.

The art works presented in the publication are by Leïla Arenou, Francisca Khamis, Naïmé Perrette, Camille Picquot, Rachel Pimm, Francisca Khamis, Juliette Lizotte, Riar Rizaldi and Arif Kornweitz 

It also archives live performances/screenings by Francisca Khamis, Arif Kornweitz, Mika Oki, Chooc Ly Tan, Adán Ruiz, Ana Vaz, and Rieko Whitfield.

England With Eggs
Adrian Bridget
Self-Published - 25.00€ -

Somewhere in England, confined to a room with empty chairs and an old telephone, is I. I wasn’t born here. English is their second language. They’ve given up writing. England With Eggs depicts the psychological aftermath of migration through a personal vortex of foreign experiences. Oscillating between narrator and character, Franz Kafka and long-distance calls, I spends sleepless nights drawing eggs, rearranging the chairs and talking to an uncanny voice on the phone. The isolated protagonist’s inner life is fractured: notions of place and history grow ever more fragile, language ever less certain. Torn between stubborn expectations and the reality of a foreign country, England With Eggs unfolds against a silent backdrop of austerity, colonialism and xenophobia. It is a study of acceptance, a reminder that sometimes the things we flee from are the ones we carry along on our journey.

This publication is limited to 100 copies, which are signed and numbered by the author.

Edited by Angie Harms

Gardener's Arms
Rebecca Wilcox
Self-Published - 8.00€ -

Prose poetry looking at sonic energies, technologies, emotions and the body. Attuned to atmospheres and spaces between each other as well as the nervy dissonance between everyday speech and compositions on the page. The writing was in part developed during a sound art residency at Q-02, Brussels, Belgium.

Heavy footed, peeping 
you are shadow and stone dial both 
something given away reveals itself as an experiment into growth 
& the doughy apology of a reversal

The (Fair) Kin Arts Almanac
Self-Published - 20.00€ -  out of stock

The Fair Kin Arts Almanac is made with the voices of more than 130 artists, writers, and activists spinning their thoughts and experiences into 12 chapters around a year. Surprising perspectives, recipes, sound practices, and reflections around ecology, parenthood, the need to rest in a life that never stops, the urgency for space and infrastructure for artists, redistribution of resources, accessibility of the sector, artistic involvement in politics and much more.

The FAIR KIN ARTS ALMANAC is a circular book, filled with perspectives, recipes, astrological wisdom, ideas, games, proposals and in depth reflections around topics of social political relevance. For the Arts and beyond.

The book was edited by a team of 13 editors that in turn each worked with artists, art workers, writers and academics. Chapters range from politics, making space, education, parenthood, accessibility, ecology, mutuality, rest, migration, redistribution, property & open source and relationality.

Practical Performance Magic
Maija Hirvanen
Self-Published - 18.00€ -

What if, when a performance is described as “nothing short of magical,” it is not just a metaphor? Maija Hirvanen and Eva Neklyaeva wrote a book together exploring the techniques involved in creating and curating contemporary performances through practical magic.

Like feminist magic, performance magic is not inherited or exclusive, but learned and inclusive. Anyone can practice it.

This is a book of recipes and spills, based on lived experience, observations and bewilderments of both writers.

Concept and writing by Maija Hirvanen and Eva Neklyaeva Design: POMO Publisher: Friends of Physical Contemporary Art, in the frame of Performing Portals project Editing: Leah Whitman-Salkin Funded by Art Promotion Centre Finland

Teeth Surrounding a Flower in the Meanings
Reinier Vrancken
Self-Published - 40.00€ -

In ‘Teeth Surrounding a Flower in the Meanings’ a compilation of texts from the critical discourse surrounding his work, written by various authors between 2016 and 2023, serves as source material for a series of erasures.

Through retro- and introspectively reading into the works and the practice at large from poetic angles, these poems investigate the relation between art and its discourse, the words used, and their edges.

A take away cup and a cloud
Oda Brekke
Self-Published - 10.00€ -

A take away cup and a cloud is an essay written alongside the dance performance Seems to be by Denise Lim and Stina Ehn. It plays with a variety of containers–the list form being one. By mixing a personal with a historical gaze it traces the trajectory of mundane commodities and  the replacement of material with imaterial objects brought about to the everyday by technical progress. 

Knut Stahle
Self-Published - 20.00€ -

Lavskrift is an edition written using signs collected from script lichen (graphis scripta). The species grows in shady deciduous forest and has small, black structures that resemble writing characters.

In the book Stahle explores asemic writing: writing where the signs have no reference to a known sound or meaning.

Edition: 300 numbered copies
Printed in Sweden by ByWind
Letterpress printed cover
Open spine binding with black thread

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