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Cologne art fair 1977
Jack Smith, Michael Krebber (Editor)
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Jack Smith presented his performance Irrational Landlordism of Bagdad as part of the Cologne Art Fair fringe in the summer of 1977. Many other events were documented photographically and can now be found in the Cologne Art Fair archives - not so Smith's performance.

This book shows him in his fair stall and during his performance for the first time. The pictures are perfect documents of a completely eccentric transaction by this pioneering director and performance artist.

Amelie Von Wulffen: Works 1998-2016
Amelie Von Wulffen
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A monograph on the German painter Amelie von Wulffen (born 1966).

For more than 20 years, the artist has been developing a formally and stylistically diverse oeuvre (including collages, installations, animated films, drawings, sculptures and paintings) that possesses a remarkable thematic consistency. Amelie von Wulffen: Works 1998-2016 shows the artist returning again and again to the process of coming to terms with the repercussions of German cultural history. These heavy themes are lightened by an acid humor, most obvious in Wulffen's drawings and comics, which spares no sacred cows. Richly illustrated with texts by Bernhart Schwenk and Amy Sillman, Amelie von Wulffen: Works 1998-2016presents the painter as a role model for a younger generation of artists.

Collected Interviews 1990–2018
Andrea Fraser
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This substantial archive offers an ideal point of entry into the work and reception of Los Angeles–based performance artist and writer Andrea Fraser (born 1965). The interview format provides particular insight into Fraser's self-positioning as a central aspect of her practice. By presenting the artist's voice as mediated through various interlocutors (ranging from professional peers to popular media), Collected Interviews, 1990–2018 uniquely contextualizes Fraser's practice in the artistic and institutional fields in which she intervenes.

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