Sat 16 April 2022 (20:00)

[Launch] Clones, an album-publication by Matilda Tjäder

Welcome for a concert and launch of Clones, a new album and CD by Matilda Tjäder.


20:00 - Opening
20:30 - "Clones", concert by Matilda Tjäder

About Clones

“Clones” tells the story of a neverending winter from the perspective of a narrator and her experience of dreaming in multiple states. In the absence of shifting seasons, dreaming becomes the primary state of transformation.

In four-hour daily cycles, this narrator wakes up, falls asleep, and dreams amidst a pervasive hum that takes possession of her body and summons a familiar visitor. Together, these bodies exist somewhere and elsewhere, gliding through landscapes while nurturing their fading memories into a new figuration.

When recognizable cycles disappear, new patterns appear. Taking place in a moment frozen in time, “Clones” documents the memories of two sources and of a symbiosis becoming parasitical. 

“Clones” is a fictional piece written and scored into a sonic narrative by Matilda Tjäder. The album “Clones” was commissioned and produced by HTSU. On the same date the album will also become available as a digital download and CD on Bandcamp, on streaming platforms and as a website by Aurélien Potier, developed for the project. 


All works written, composed and produced by Matilda Tjäder
Commissioned by HTSU Cooperative 

Co-produced, mastered and mixed by Daniel Tjäder 
Recording assistance: Daniel Tjäder & Niklas Tjäder  
Flute on track #11 and #19: Angelina Petrovic 

Image: Sanna Helena Berger 
CD design: Ewa Poniatowska
Website design and Clones logo: Aurélien Potier 
Editing and proofreading: Annie Goodner and Louis Mason 


Release date: April 8, 2022 

About Matilda Tjäder

Matilda Tjäder is an artist building fictional worlds via text, sound, performance and moving image. In her work she develops experimental environments where the familiar interfaces with the unknown, the individual with the collective, and memories with the absence of sentience. By plugging into existing infrastructures she takes great pleasure in revising their invisible protocols and designs via storytelling, ambient installations and absurd scenarios. 

Since 2018 she has cultivated a cycle of works under the umbrella title “wishing for more” featuring a fictional persona as narrator; a self-acclaimed real estate hero aspiring to build an inter-dimensional theme park with gateways leading to different zones. 

Matilda holds an MA in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London (2018).

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[Launch] Clones, an album-publication by Matilda Tjäder
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