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Serving Compressed Energy With Vacuum
Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven
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Published in conjunction with an exhibition at Kunstverein München, this catalogue is presented as an integral part of the show, augmenting it through the presentation of subjects, aspects, and themes which are better suited to the printed medium or demand another kind of involvement. Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven’s works involve painting, drawing, digital media, and video, and reflect her fascination from a female point of view with the representation of women in mass media, the connections between sex and technology, different knowledge systems, and the unconscious. Besides numerous works, projects, and images, the book includes insightful explanations by the artist.

On the Self-Reflexive Page II
Louis Luthi
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Originally published in 2010, ‘On the Self-Reflexive Page’ is part artist’s book and part essay, part literary excavation and part typographical miscellany. For this second incarnation of Louis Lüthi’s anthology of thematically arranged pages, the original material has been significantly expanded and revised. Like its predecessor, the new version proposes a typology of nonverbal elements found in novels, short stories, and essays. In each of the pages reproduced here, the prose is interrupted by one of these nonverbal elements, from black or blank pages, drawings or collages, photographs or film stills, to fragments of text or visual poems that are distinct from a conventional page layout.

Karel Martens
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This publication contains a collection of patterns designed by Dutch graphic designer Karel Martens. Although Martens is widely recognised for his specialisation in typography, the dozens of full-page patterns shown here are devoid of any text, allowing the sequence to become a mesmerising pattern in itself. Designed by Martens & Martens.

24 European Ethnographic Museums
Sara Sejin Chang (Sara Van Der Heide)
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With the series '24 European Ethnographic Museums' Van der Heide questions the construction and identity of the ethnographic museum today. Here, the project becomes a collection of artefacts in and upon itself and by recording the names of these institutions Van der Heide places the viewer in front of the dilemma: who is authorized to decide what is an artefact, and what should be collected and for what reason? In the 19th century, with the birth of the current European nations, museums openly referred to their colonial past. Today the museums bare more euphemistic names like: ‘Museum der Kulturen’ or ‘World Museum’ but still place the West as the self-acclaimed center of the world.  The existence of the ethnographic museum, which is intertwined with the complicated and loaded colonial past, has been subject to contemporary criticism. While some of the European ethnographic institutions have attempted to come to terms with the past of their collections and their heritage, Van der Heide focuses upon how language continues to reflect the political present of the institutions.

Tokyo Papers
Karel Martens
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‘Tokyo Papers’ comprises a collection of 41 monoprints created by Dutch graphic designer and typographer Karel Martens between 2019 and 2020. In 2018, Martens received a package from artist-curator Pierre Leguillon that contained filled-in Japanese forms which he had found at a street market in Tokyo. Martens was intrigued by the collection of thin paper with a rectangular black-blue layer of carbon on the back. In 2019 he started to print on these back sides, but because the overprinting on the carbon layer caused unwanted damage, he switched to printing them on the front sides as well. “The closing image is related to Tokyo in a different way,” he explains.

Multiple Densities
Katja Mater
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This publication brings together works made between 2010 and 2013 that share the same principle: a method of constructing images of time by layering multiple moments, creating hybrids between photography and other media, documenting something that is positioned beyond our human ability to see.

Each series adds a different parameter to the principle, such as two- and three- dimensional space, scale, perspective, performance, installation and parallel events. The publication also features an alternative view on Mater’s practice with a chapter of research and process material.

With an essay by Maxine Kopsa. Design: Veronica Ditting.

Anthony Huberman (Ed.)
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This catalogue accompanies a major group show at CCA Wattis in San Francisco, curated by Anthony Huberman. It reflects on ways the “machine” determines how we live and what we believe in.

A machine is also a mechanism, not just a physical object but also an abstract ideology. The artworks point to the forms and instruments that make up our technological infrastructure, as well as to the values they are designed to enforce. Contesting a world that rewards efficiency, speed, and productivity, the participating artists test existing systems with inefficient machines, impossible tools, wasted time, and elaborate protocols that misalign outputs and inputs.

Stray: A Graphic Tone
Shannon Ebner, Susan Howe, Nathaniel Mackey
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A fourteen-track vinyl LP featuring poems of American poets Susan Howe (b. 1937) and Nathaniel Mackey (b. 1947) as produced by visual artist Shannon Ebner. Juxtaposing historic and recent material from 1991 until 2018, the work brought together here examines the two writer’s lifelong preoccupation with subjects adrift in narratives of dispossession both real and imagined. Liner notes contain excerpts of original interviews as well as reproductions of the poets’ published materials.

According to Ebner, “STRAY: A GRAPHIC TONE is the full-length version of what I started in 2016 when I began seeking exchanges with these two poets. I was drawn to their works for their experiments with poetic form – for their politics of poetic form, to be exact – for their poems’ stray figures and stray errant marks.”

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