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rile* is a bookshop and project space for publication and performance. rile* is into poetry, theory, choreography, artist writing and various other text based experiments. rile* organizes performances, meetings, launches, readings... rile* is the base word for silence in Láadan, a feminist constructed language developed by Suzette Haden Elgin in 1982. The language was included in her science fiction Native Tongue series. Láadan contains a number of words that are used to make unambiguous statements that include how one feels about what one is saying. According to Elgin, this is designed to counter language's limitations to those who are forced to respond I know I said that, but I meant this.


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Wed 13 January until Wed 12 May 2021 12h00-13h30

rile* reading groups

rile* is excited to announce a series of monthly reading groups in 2021. Now more than ever we find it necessary to carve out spaces for exhange, and for being and thinking together. Many of us have found reading a vital companion throughout 2020's tumultous turns, a life line perhaps, into worlds different from the ones we find ourselves stuck in. Starting in January 2021, the last Wednesday of each month we invite you to join us at rile* to read together.


Sat 06 February until Fri 30 April 2021

overnight changes (public program 2021)

Ok, so, the world won't change overnight as we pass from December 31 to January 1. But something will have ended, and something else will be beginning. And were taking that an opportunity. We've been learning alot about community throughout 2020; all of us have had to invest in different ways of working, experiment with various technologies for connection, and relate with an ever changing set of conditions, not to mention a future that has told us that planning like we used to just ain't possible.


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Postcapitalist Desire: The Final Lectures
Mark Fisher, Matt Colquhoun (ed.)

Repeater Books - 18.00€ -

A collection of transcripts from Mark Fisher’s final series of lectures at Goldsmiths, University of London, in late 2016.

Edited and with an introduction by Matt Colquhoun, this collection of lecture notes and transcriptions reveals acclaimed writer and blogger Mark Fisher in his element — the classroom — outlining a project that Fisher’s death left so bittersweetly unfinished.

Beginning with that most fundamental of questions — “Do we really want what we say we want?” — Fisher explores the relationship between desire and capitalism, and wonders what new forms of desire we might still excavate from the past, present, and future. From the emergence and failure of the counterculture in the 1970s to the continued development of his left-accelerationist line of thinking, this volume charts a tragically interrupted course for thinking about the raising of a new kind of consciousness, and the cultural and political implications of doing so.

For Fisher, this process of consciousness raising was always, fundamentally, psychedelic — just not in the way that we might think…

Edited by Matt Colquhoun
Published 2021

plot twist ii
Jo Kali and Georgie Sinclair

Self-Published - 12.00€ -

plot twist ii is a collection of 11 essays and short stories from the hosts of plot twist’s 2019 - 2020 programme of reading groups and workshops. It includes meditations on privacy, work, and failure; a sci-fi tale in four acts; a story on dizziness and giddiness; two essays on the cultural politics of disgust; and a musing on the peculiar ways language and words stay with us, lodged for a lifetime in our memories. also included are the full reading lists from the year’s programme, and a limited edition riso printed poster (A3) by Lucie de Bréchard (@journal2bor). plot twist is a literary collective, reading group, and experiment in self-organised learning, founded in 2018 by Jo Kali and Georgie Sinclair. plot twist ii is their second publishing project.

Contributions from Andreea Breazu, Angelica Sgouros, Elisa Grasso, Georgie Sinclair, Jo Kali, Juliette Lizotte, Loren Ewart, Lucia Dove, Naomi Credé, Rosie Haward and Sarah Eskens. Designed by Juliette Lizotte and Lucie de Bréchard.

Tony Cokes T-Shirt
Tony Cokes, Argos

Argos Arts - 25.00€ -

On the occasion of Tony Cokes' solo-exhibition, ARGOS produced a unique purple t-shirt with silver lettering. 100% cotton; 180 grams. Silkscreen by Bootlegz in Brussels.

Available in S, M, L, XL
Edition of 100

Literary Activism
Amit Chaudhuri

Boiler House Press - 16.50€ -

Literary Activism – activism that revisits and interrogates an idea of literature – emerges from a radically altered landscape for both publishing and academia, where market pressures are effecting changes – on language, on the measuring of value, on the concept of influence – we might struggle to recognise.

Taking in the roles of writer, critic, translator, academic and publisher, the essays in this volume follow no single line of enquiry. Rather, they offer the beginnings of an analysis of the literary world at a certain moment of globalization, while also questioning whether a literary world exists and, if it does, where its boundaries lie.

The collection moves in many directions – from Arun Kolatkar and his near-heroic refusal of both market place and reputation; to Derek Attridge, who argues for a form of affirmative criticism which positions the critic as a ‘lover of the text’; while, from Amsterdam, Dubravka Ugrešić reflects on life in a literary ‘out of nation zone’, adrift in a territory where intellectual protest has been stripped of ideological impetus and subsumed by the voraciousness of the market.

Taken together, these essays initiate a series of conversations about who reads what and why, about the practice of writing and criticism at this particular contemporary moment, and about the activities and institutions that shape an understanding of what literature is and what it can do.

Literary Activism, edited by Amit Chaudhuri, features writing from Derek Attridge, Tim Parks, Dubravka Ugrešić, Laetitia Zecchini, Peter D. Macdonald, Saikat Majumdar, Jamie McKendrick, and Swapan Chakravorty, with an afterword by Jon Cook.

Steve Paxton: Drafting Interior Techniques

Culturgest - 26.00€ -  out of stock

Dancer, improviser, and choreographer Steve Paxton has been researching the “fiction” of cultured dance and the “truth” of improvisation for six decades. This catalogue accompanies the first retrospective look at his work and legacy. Interestingly, in the case of Paxton, almost none of the usual remains of dance – scores, photographs, videos, interviews – were made or even kept by the artist himself. Thus the works recounted in the exhibition in Lisbon as well as in this publication were all made and conserved by others. The focus therefore is not the visible, exterior forms that were produced by him, but the felt and sensed, the mindfulness of his unique way of inhabiting movement.

Index of Operational and Code Names
Diane Guyot de St Michel

immixition books - 20.00€ -

Le titre du livre « Index of operational and code names » reprend l'intitulé d'un document trouvé sur Internet constitué d'une liste de 437 mots anglais classés par ordre alphabétique et accompagnés de brèves indications concernant les opérations militaires pour lesquelles ces mots ont servi de noms de code.

Ce document a inspiré à Diane Guyot la série « Index War » réalisée selon un protocole simple consistant à produire un dessin pour chaque mot de la liste.

Composé de 86 dessins issus de cette série, certains reproduits pour le support du livre, d'autres présentés au sein d'un cahier photographique tels qu'ils sont aujourd'hui accrochés dans les intérieurs de leurs propriétaires, et d'une partie textuelle placée en fin de volume qui restitue l'intégralité du document source, le livre, comme le suggère la mention volume 1 qui accompagne son titre, ne marque pas le point d'achèvement de l'œuvre mais témoigne au contraire d'un processus en cours.

L'articulation des composantes de l'œuvre dans l'espace du livre en constitue en mème temps une nouvelle version, à la fois spécifique et autonome. L'activation du dispositif codex/index invite le lecteur à une méditation sur la notion de code, où s'entrecroisent sémiotique de l'image, technique de propagande et technologie de l'information.

Mon premier coloriage conceptuel
Diane Guyot de Saint Michel & Marthe Pradeau

immixition books - 6.00€ -

Mon premier coloriage conceptuel is the first ever conceptual coloring book in the history of the world, until we find evidente to the contrary. For Immixtion Books, publishing this book is both an honor and a form of tribute to a little interactive drawing book titled "Toi par Lui et moi" [You by Him and Me] conceived by Robert Filiou in 1975. Mon premier coloriage conceptuel is the result of a joyful collaboration between Diane Guyot de Saint Michel and Marthe Pradeau.

Bad Advisors - English Landscapes
Camilla Wills

immixition books - 25.00€ -

Bad Advisors compiles recent texts with pictures of flowers from the street and public gardens taken in Paris during spring 2017. Mourning is an empty box with an excessive syntax. A rose does not allude to anything except its own existence. But you feel, brushing within its range, a bit more complete, which means the sensation is an apparition from nothing. The rose is an empty box with an excessive syntax. English Landscapes contains a series of white-on-black i-phone touch drawings of hay bales; a circular form that replicates across UK agricultural zones in late summer. The books are a pair.

This book is part of the www.anywhereoutofthebook.com series

The Weight of the Earth
David Wojnarowicz

Semiotext(e) - 14.00€ -

Audio journals that document Wojnarowicz's turbulent attempts to understand his anxieties and passions, and tracking his thoughts as they develop in real time.In these moments I hate language. I hate what words are like, I hate the idea of putting these preformed gestures on the tip of my tongue, or through my lips, or through the inside of my mouth, forming sounds to approximate something that's like a cyclone, or something that's like a flood, or something that's like a weather system that's out of control, that's dangerous, or alarming.... It just seems like sounds that have been uttered back and forth maybe now over centuries. And it always boils down to the same meaning within those sounds, unless you're more intense uttering them, or you precede them or accompany them with certain forms of violence.
--from The Weight of the Earth

Artist, writer, and activist David Wojnarowicz (1954-1992) was an important figure in the downtown New York art scene. His art was preoccupied with sex, death, violence, and the limitations of language. At the height of the AIDS epidemic, Wojnarowicz began keeping audio journals, returning to a practice he'd begun in his youth.The Weight of the Earth presents transcripts of these tapes, documenting Wojnarowicz's turbulent attempts to understand his anxieties and passions, and tracking his thoughts as they develop in real time.

In these taped diaries, Wojnarowicz talks about his frustrations with the art world, recounts his dreams, and describes his rage, fear, and confusion about his HIV diagnosis. Primarily spanning the years 1987 and 1989, recorded as Wojnarowicz took solitary road trips around the United States or ruminated in his New York loft, the audio journals are an intimate and affecting record of an artist facing death. By turns despairing, funny, exalted, and angry, this volume covers a period largely missing from Wojnarowicz's written journals, providing us with an essential new record of a singular American voice.

Published 2018

I Remember
Joe Brainard

Granary Book - 13.00€ -

Joe Brainard's I Remember is a literary and artistic cult classic, praised and admired by writers from Paul Auster to John Ashery and Edmund White. As autobiography, Brainard's method was brilliantly simple: to set down specific memories as they rose to the surface of his consciousness, each prefaced by the refrain "I remember": "I remember when I thought that if you did anything bad, policemen would put you in jail."

Brainard's enduring gem of a book has been issued in various forms over the past thirty years. In 1970, Angel Hair books published the first edition of I Remember, which quickly sold out; he wrote two subsequent volumes for Angel Hair, More I Remember (1972) and More I Remember More (1973), both of which proved as popular as the original. In 1973, the Museum of Modern Art in New York published Brainard's I Remember Christmas, a new text for which he also contributed a cover design and four drawings. Excerpts from the Angel Hair editions appeared in Interview, Gay Sunshine, The World and the New York Herald. Then in 1975, Full Court Press issued a revised version collecting all three of the Angel Hair volumes and added new material, using the original title I Remember. This complete edition is prefaced by poet and translator Ron Padgett.

Published 2001

The Pink Trance Notebooks
Wayne Koestenbaum

Nightboat Books - 15.00€ -

The Pink Trance Notebooks is the product of the year Wayne Koestenbaum stopped keeping the traditional journal he had maintained for three decades and began a series of "trance notebooks" as a way to reflect an intensified, unmoored consciousness. The resulting sequence of 34 assemblages reflects Koestenbaum's unfettered musings, findings, and obsessions. Freed from the conventions of prose, this concatenation of the author's intimate observations and desires lets loose a poetics of ecstatic praxis--voiced with aplomb and always on point.

"Wayne Koestenbaum is one of the most original and relentlessly obsessed cultural spies writing today. His alarmingly focused attention to detail goes beyond lunacy into hilarious and brilliant clarity." --John Waters

WAYNE KOESTENBAUM is a poet and cultural critic. His recent books include My 1980s & Other Essays, Humiliation, The Anatomy of Harpo Marx, and the poetry collection Blue Stranger with Mosaic Background. He lives in New York City.

Published 2015.

The Cow
Ariana Reines

Fence Books - 13.50€ -

To call Ariana Reines’ poetry scatological doesn’t even scratch the surface. “I COULD BE A DIAPER FOR THE DAY’S RESIDUALS,” she writes, and, “She clasped the event to her and proceeded. Fucked her steaming/ eyehole and ended it.” The Cow is a body in the way that texts are bodied—”Are you so intelligent your body doesn’t have you in it.”—but not in the way that allows the text to become desensitized, depersonalized, sterilized. Instead this text is filthy and fertilized, filling and emptying, filling and emptying, atrocious and politic with meaning. The Cow is a mother, a lover, and a murdered lump of meat, rendered in the strongest of languages. “I cannot count the altering that happens in the very large rooms that are the guts of her.”

Winner of the 2006 Alberta Prize


Renee Gladman

Wave Books - 15.00€ -

A collection of linked essays concerned with the life and mind of the writer by one of the most original voices in contemporary literature. Each essay takes a day as its point of inquiry, observing the body as it moves through time, architecture, and space, gradually demanding a new logic and level of consciousness from the narrator and reader.

"Renee Gladman has always struck me as being a dreamer--she writes that way and the dreaming seems to construct the architecture of the world unfolding before our reading eyes."
--Eileen Myles

WINNER of the 2017 Firecracker Award for Nonfiction from the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP).

Renee Gladman is a writer and artist preoccupied with lines, crossings, thresholds, geographies, and syntaxes as they play out in the interstices of poetry and prose. She is the author of ten published works, including a cycle of novels about the city-state Ravicka and its inhabitants, the Ravickians; Calamities, a collection of linked essays on writing and experience, which won the 2017 Firecracker Award in Nonfiction; and a monograph of ink drawings, Prose Architectures. She lives in New England with poet-ceremonialist Danielle Vogel.


Manifestly Haraway
Donna J. Haraway

University of Minnesota Press - 17.00€ -

Electrifying, provocative, and controversial when first published thirty years ago, Donna Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto" is even more relevant today, when the divisions that she so eloquently challenges--of human and machine but also of gender, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and location--are increasingly complex. The subsequent "Companion Species Manifesto," which further questions the human-nonhuman disjunction, is no less urgently needed in our time of environmental crisis and profound polarization.

Manifestly Haraway brings together these momentous manifestos to expose the continuity and ramifying force of Haraway's thought, whose significance emerges with engaging immediacy in a sustained conversation between the author and her long-term friend and colleague Cary Wolfe. Reading cyborgs and companion species through and with each other, Haraway and Wolfe join in a wide-ranging exchange on the history and meaning of the manifestos in the context of biopolitics, feminism, Marxism, human-nonhuman relationships, making kin, literary tropes, material semiotics, the negative way of knowing, secular Catholicism, and more.

The conversation ends by revealing the early stages of Haraway's "Chthulucene Manifesto," in tension with the teleologies of the doleful Anthropocene and the exterminationist Capitalocene. Deeply dedicated to a diverse and robust earthly flourishing, Manifestly Haraway promises to reignite needed discussion in and out of the academy about biologies, technologies, histories, and still possible futures.

Donna J. Haraway is distinguished professor emerita in the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she is also affiliated with the departments of anthropology, feminist studies, environmental studies, and film and digital media. She is an active participant in UCSC's Science and Justice Research Center and the Center for Cultural Studies.

Published 2016

Ingeborg Bachman

New Directions Publishing - 16.00€ -

Malina invites the reader on a linguistic journey, into a world that stretches the very limits of language with Wittgensteinian zeal and Joycean inventiveness, where Ingeborg Bachmann ventriloquizes, and in the process demolishes, Proust, Musil, and Balzac, and yet filters everything through her own utterly singular idiom. Malina is, quite simply, unlike anything else; it's a masterpiece. 

In Malina, Bachmann uses the intertwined lives of three characters to explore the roots of society's breakdown that lead to fascism, and in Bachmann's own words, "it doesn't start with the first bombs that are dropped; it doesn't start with the terror that can be written about in every newspaper. It starts with relationships between people. Fascism is the first thing in the relationship between a man and a woman, and I attempted to say that here in this society there is always war. There isn't war and peace, there's only war."

Défense d’Afficher
Impressions Libres

Rotolux Press - 15.00€ -

Défense d’Afficher est un recueil de graffitis politiques relevés en France tout au long de l’année l’année 2019, une période riche en contestations sociales. Une sélection restreinte, à fortiori non exhaustive, mais recouvrant un large panorama des luttes contemporaines qui nous concernent : contre le capitalisme, contre le racisme, contre le pillage du tiers-monde et pour l'accueil des réfugiés, contre le sexisme et les violences faites aux femmes, contre la destruction de la planète, contre cette société néo-libérale, contre la police et ses violences, contre les inégalités sociales, pour l’auto-défense et l’auto-organisation.

Sans oublier d’y faire apparaitre des sujets plus légers ou drôles. Le corps de l’ouvrage qui recueille les graffitis est imprimé sur six affiches jaunes fluo 50 × 70 cm pliées encartées, soutenu par une couverture muette au motif abstrait de peinture à la bombe. L’ensemble est recouvert d’une jaquette imprimée sur des affiches dos bleu accueillant le titre Défense d’Afficher, lui aussi relevé dans l’espace public. Ce fanzine à été produit suite à l’invitation « Impressions libres » d’Étapes et Exaprint.

Ce fanzine étant vendu à prix libre, il n’est pas possible de l’acheter en ligne. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour les modalitées de vente.

Bernadette Mayer

Siglio Press - 42.00€ -

In July 1971, Bernadette Mayer embarked on an experiment: for one month she shot a roll of 35mm film each day and kept a journal. The result was a conceptual work that investigates the nature of memory, its surfaces, textures and material. Memory is both monumental in scope (over 1,100 photographs, two hundred pages of text and six hours of audio recording) and a groundbreaking work by a poet who is widely regarded as one of the most innovative experimental writers of her generation. Presaging Mayer's durational, constraint-based diaristic works of poetry, it also evinces her extraordinary --and often unheralded-- contribution to conceptual art.

Mayer has called Memory "an emotional science project," but it is far from confessional. This boldly experimental record follows the poet's eye as she traverses early morning into night, as quotidian minutiae metamorphose into the lyrical, as her stream of consciousness becomes incantatory. In text and image, Mayer constructs the mercurial consciousness of the present moment from which memory is --as she says-- "always there, to be entered, like the world of dreams or an ongoing TV show."

This publication brings together the full sequence of images and text for the first time in book form, making space for a work that has been legendary but mostly invisible. Originally exhibited in 1972 by pioneering gallerist Holly Solomon, it was not shown again in its entirety until 2016 at the Poetry Foundation in Chicago and then again in 2017 in New York City at the CANADA Gallery. The text was published without the photographs in 1975 by North Atlantic Books in an edition that has long been out of print.

Bernadette Mayer (born 1945) is the author of over 30 books, including the acclaimed Midwinter Day (1982), a book-length poem written during a single day in Lenox, Massachusetts, The Desires of Mothers to Please Others in Letters (1994) and Work and Days (2016), which was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Associated with the New York School as well as the Language poets, Mayer has also been an influential teacher and editor. In the art world, she is best known for her collaboration with Vito Acconci as editors of the influential mimeographed magazine 0 TO 9.

chop: a collection of kwansabas for fannie lou hamer
treasure shields redmond

Self-Published - 12.00€ -

chop is a collection of poems that center on the life and work of proto-feminist and civil rights activist, Fannie Lou Hamer.

A Mississippi native, Treasure Shields Redmond is a poet, speaker, diversity and inclusion coach, and social justice educator. In 2016 she founded her company, Feminine Pronoun Consultants, LLC. Even though Treasure is completing a PhD in English Literature and Criticism, is a published writer, gifted veteran educator, and has spoken on stages all over the U.S. and in Europe, she uses her humble beginnings in the federal housing projects in Meridian, Mississippi to fuel her passion for helping college-bound families navigate college admissions painlessly and pro tably, and o ering perceptive leaders creative diversity and inclusion facilitation. Additional information on her poetry, writing, and multidimensional practice are available at: www.FemininePronoun.com.

Over there: a queer anthology of joy
Richard Porter (ed.)

Pilot Press - 14.00€ -

Anthology number two asks what is joy? Is joy possible in the world today? If so, how do queer people imagine or experience it? Over 30 writers, artists and performers consider queer joy with contributors including Eileen Myles, Wayne Koestenbaum, Hilton Als, AA Bronson, Timothy Thornton, Sophie Robinson, Eley Williams and Honey Dijon.

Glass, Irony & God
Anne Carson

New Directions Books - 15.00€ -

Known as a remarkable classicist, Anne Carson weaves contemporary and ancient poetic strands with stunning style in Glass, Irony and God. This collection includes: "The Glass Essay," a powerful poem about the end of a love affair, told in the context of Carson's reading of the Bronte sisters; "Book of Isaiah," a poem evoking the deeply primitive feel of ancient Judaism; and "The Fall of Rome," about her trip to "find" Rome and her struggle to overcome feelings of a terrible alienation there.

Anne Carson was born in Canada and teaches ancient Greek for a living.

Don't Let Them See Me Like This
Jasmine Gibson

Nightboat Books - 17.00€ -

In Don't Let Them See Me Like This, Jasmine Gibson explores myriad intersectional identities in relation to The State, disease, love, sex, failure, and triumph. Speaking to those who feel disillusioned by both radical and banal spaces and inspired/informed by moments of political crisis: Hurricane Katrina, The Jena Six, the extrajudicial executions of Black people, and the periods of insurgency that erupted in response, this book acts as a synthesis of political life and poetic form.

JASMINE GIBSON is a Philly jawn based in Brooklyn. She spends her time thinking about sexy things like psychosis, desire, and freedom. She is the author of the chapbook Drapetomania.

Reading Sedgwick
Lauren Berlant, editor

Duke University Press - 24.00€ -

Over the course of her long career, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick became one of the most important voices in queer theory, and her calls for reparative criticism and reading practices grounded in affect and performance have transformed understandings of affect, intimacy, politics, and identity. With marked tenderness, the contributors to Reading Sedgwick reflect on Sedgwick's many critical inventions, from her elucidation of poetry's close relation to criticism and development of new versions of queer performativity to highlighting the power of writing to engender new forms of life. As the essays in Reading Sedgwick demonstrate, Sedgwick's work is not only an ongoing vital force in queer theory and affect theory; it can help us build a more positive world in the midst of the bleak contemporary moment.

Contributors. Lauren Berlant, Kathryn Bond Stockton, Judith Butler, Lee Edelman, Jason Edwards, Ramzi Fawaz, Denis Flannery, Jane Gallop, Jonathan Goldberg, Meridith Kruse, Michael Moon, José Esteban Muñoz, Chris Nealon, Andrew Parker, H. A. Sedgwick, Karin Sellberg, Michael D. Snediker, Melissa Solomon, Robyn Wiegman

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