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17-11-2019 (16:00)
We welcome Claire Finch and Sébastien Jallaud for the launch of 'Kathy Acker (1971-1975)', a new publication of collected, mostly unpublished, early writings of Acker. The presentation will be followed by a conversation with Tessel Veneboer and a screening of [Untitled Tape 2] (1974) by Kathy Acker and Alan Sondheim. more
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My Mother LaughsChantal AkermanSilver Press  -   16 eurosIn 2013, the filmmaker Chantal Akerman's mother was dying. She flew back from New York to Brussels to care for her, and between dressing her, feeding her and putting her to bed, she wrote. She wrote about her childhood, the escape her mother made from Auschwitz but didn't talk about, the difficulty of loving her girlfriend, C., her fear of what she (...)
On Pillow TalkDeborah BirchÇAVAQUOI PRODUCTIONS  -   5 eurosOn Pillow Talk, or, How I dance Solo While Logos Watches from Our Bed, Smoking a Cigarette
Artificial Gut FeelingAnna ZettDivided Publishing LTD  -   13 eurosIf winning can only occur in a competition between equal opponents, someone who isn’t equal will need to adopt a different strategy and let go of the promise, or the curse, of victory. Anna Zett takes up the challenge in this collection of personal science fiction, registering the traces systems of power leave in the body, in its locomotory, nerv (...)
MercuryAriana ReinesFence Books  -   16 eurosComposed in the direct, accessible, consciousness-piercing style readers of Ariana Reines' first two books are wildly enamored of, Mercury comprises a group of long poems. These interlocking works speak to the substance and essence of what is said, transmitted, transacted, "communicated" between persons. Reines proposes that substance and essence a (...)
HeroinesKate ZambrenoSemiotext(e)  -   18 eurosA manifesto for "toxic girls" that reclaims the wives and mistresses of modernism for literature and feminism. On the last day of December, 2009 Kate Zambreno began a blog called Frances Farmer Is My Sister, arising from her obsession with the female modernists and her recent transplantation to Akron, Ohio, where her husband held a university job. (...)
How I Became One of the Invisible David RattraySemiotext(e)  -   18 eurosThe only collection of Rattray's prose: essays that offer a kind of secret history and guidebook to a poetic and mystical tradition. Since its first publication in 1992, David Rattray's How I Became One of the Invisible has functioned as a kind of secret history and guidebook to a poetic and mystical tradition running through Western civilization  (...)
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