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SCUM ManifestoValerie SolanasPhoenix Press  -  10.00 euros - in stock1991 reprint of Solanas' manifesto.
Kathy Acker (1971-1975)Justin Gajoux (ed.)éditions ismael  -  35.00 euros - in stockFirst critical edition of Kathy Acker’s unpublished early writings from (1969-1976). Comprises almost all the typescripts from that period present in the Kathy Acker’s archives. Features also the transcription and presentation of Acker’s two 1974 experimental videos. Editor: Justin Gajoux. Critical notes: Justin Gajoux & Claire Finch. Also wi (...)
Drones and DressesJames WhittinginghamOCR  -  10.00 euros - in stockOutrage and shame propel a young woman into self-exile from her homeland to fight alongside the resistance movement of a neighbouring country, colonised and humiliated by her people for too long. She marries a local – a marriage of convenience – and together they hatch a plot, and a war machine, which they hope will overthrow the colonial oppre (...)
I WantPauline Boudry/ Renate LorenzSternberg Press  -  20.00 euros - in stockI Want reviews the eponymous duo's double-projection film installation examining issues of gender, sexuality and performativity—and inspired by the words of punk poetess Kathy Acker and convicted whistle-blower Chelsea Manning. This publication documents the major film installation I Want (2015) by collaborative artists Pauline Boudry and Renate  (...)
After Vanessa PlaceNaomi Toth & Vanessa PlaceMa Bibliothèque  -  15.00 euros - in stockComing and going after is Echo’s affair; it is also the stuff of conversational pursuit. After Vanessa Place is an email exchange between poet and artist Vanessa Place and critic Naomi Toth on the backsides of speech and sight, where repeating and being conflate and confound in the trialectic of message, meaning, and motion. To be read as it is,  (...)
Recipes For YouHolly WhiteArcadia Missa  -  12.00 euros - out of stockRecipes for you: A vegan and gluten free recipe and story book with additional life skills is a new cookbook and survival guide by artist Holly White. Rather than selling an aspiration, the book looks honestly at our conflicted relationship with consumption. White intersperses recipes and self-sufficiency notes with prose, as the contributions coll (...)
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