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On Hell
Johanna Hedva
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The book transcribes a body broken by American empire, that of ex-con Rafael Luis Estrada Requena, hacking itself away from contemporary society. Johanna Hedva, author of Sick Woman Theory, takes the ferocious compulsion to escape (from capitalism, from the limits of the body-machine, from Earth) and channels it into an evisceration of oppression and authority. Equal parts tender and brutal, romantic and furious, On Hell is a novel about myths that trick and resist totalitarianism.

Psycho Nymph Exile
Porpentine Heartscape
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A post-anime sapphic gurowave trauma-romance. 

A multimedia survival kit for another dimension. 

A terrible disease afflicts a disgraced biomech pilot and an ex-magical girl. 

View additional slutty artifacts at the PSYCHO NYMPH EXILE site.

Linda Stupart
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* tentacle sex
* Kathy Acker
* the violent deaths of male genius artists, philosophers and theorists
* zombies
* sirens
* biohacking
* rampant plagiarism
* cop killing
* spells you can use at home

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