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Making Something from Some Things: Inventory
Lizzy Ellbrück
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This book is an inventory of Somethings made from Some Things. It includes 108 Somethings observed, arranged and embedded in a narrative and explores the potential of the domestic as a creative negotiation.

It draws (1) On, (2) How, (3) She*, (4) Sets: 
(1) on the agency of Making Something
(2) on she* as conviviality and her* body, 
(3) on How Somethings Work, or the beautiful choreography of a spider building a web by Ines Cox and
(4) the plot as a place.

Words are used like Some Things. They struggle with language, juggle semiotics. Each Something tells a story of its materialisation and idealisation, its genealogy, provenance, and on the complexity of labour. 
A third voice engages with the aesthetics of Somethings. Anton Stuckardt therefore enters Somethings within a literary meandering.
The inventory further reflects on the order of things and draws five different variables  of order within the linearity of a book. 

This book is designed by Lukas Marstaller and published by AIB.  
It appears on the occasion of Lizzy Ellbrück’s exhibition Making Something from Some Things, sited at the ZKM Pavilion, the Badischer Kunstverein and on these 192 offset printed pages.

Symbolic Messages - An Introduction to a Study Of "Alien” writing.
Mario Pazzaglini / Moritz Appich, Bruno Jacoby & Johanna Schäfer
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This book is a reprint from a scan of what appears to be the last remaining copy of Symbolic Messages in public libraries worldwide, at the university library of Manitoba College, Canada. Clinical psychologist Mario Pazzaglini first published his extensive collection of case studies in alien writing and received scripts in 1991. This book is a photocopy of the original edition. Editorial manipulations of the material are minimal and where they have been made, it was from lack of information or else for reasons of practicality and cost efficiency: There is no solid evidence of the original binding, printing technique, paper, etc. The original book seems to have been layed out in American letter format and has been scaled down to fit the proportions of European ready-to-order print formats and provide easier readability. Apart from these minor adjustments, the copy is as faithful to the original, as possible.

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