by Cody-Rose Clevidence

Dearth & God's Green Mirth
Cody-Rose Clevidence
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A new tête-bêche diptych chapbook from innovative poet Cody-Rose Clevidence, DEARTH & GOD'S GREEN MIRTH discovers dark songs unseen in distant places unheard.

Careening wildly between the philosophical angst of being a human on this planet in this certain moment in human history, and barefaced, godless whimsy, the two projects in this t'teb'che diptych chapbook discard formalisms, even their own, to investigate the relationship between the space of the whole universe and god. Protoformal, DEARTH is a collection of scifi dirges for all of living things on a small contaminated planet. In God's Green Mirth the poet playfully degrades god, for fun.

Cody-Rose Clevidence is the author of BEAST FEAST (2014) and FLUNG/THRONE (2018), both from Ahsahta Press, LISTEN MY FRIEND, THIS IS THE DREAM I DREAMED LAST NIGHT from The Song Cave and Aux Arc / Trypt Ich from Nightboat, as well as several handsome chapbooks (flowers and cream, NION, garden door press, Auric). They live in the Arkansas Ozarks with their excellently named animals.

Aux ARC Trypt Ich: Poppycock and Assphodel; Winter; A Night of Dark Trees
Cody-Rose Clevidence
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A triptych of wild, lyric love poems that are, at heart, an ode to Arkansas.

Set among blue Ozark creeks, hoods of trucks, and changing constellations, Cody-Rose Clevidence's poems call up embodied sensations as they arise, with love and anguish, in a specific place. Navigating between senses and the sensed world, in lyric, lushness and density, Clevidence constructs an intricate and playful poetics both experimental and emotive to investigate the interplay between the vivid sensations of the body and the viscerally surrounding world. 

Cody-Rose Clevidence is the author of BEAST FEAST and Flung/Throne (Ahsahta) as well as Listen My Friend, This is the Dream I Dreamed Last Night (2021, Song Cave) and Aux Arc / Trypt Ich, (2021, Nightboat) and several handsome chapbooks. They live in the Arkansas Ozarks with their assorted animals named after other animals.

Published Nov, 2021.

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