Fri 25 February 2022 (19:30)

[Launch] F.R. David ~ Esprit d’escalier

Join us for a celebration of the past three issues of F.R.DAVID: “very good*”, “Correctional Facility” and “Take, Eat".

We, rile* and the editors (Will Holder with Paul Abbott and Andrea di Serego Alighieri) will present errata to these past three issues, as well as older issues (esprit d’escalier).

This evening will commence a collective compilation of an entire issue, forthcoming, called “Erratum”.

This forthcoming issue’s editorial is open to every and any reader of F.R.DAVID (past present future) to suggest what could, might, should have been included, since 2007.

If you have a contribution and can attend, feel free to bring it. If you can’t, feel free to mail with a suggestion of a text, an image, a piece of music… etc, (noting from which issue it was 'omitted') for inclusion in this forthcoming issue, “Erratum”.

F.R.DAVID is a typographical journal, dealing with the organisation of reading and writing in contemporary art practises.

More info about the issues here:

F.R. David — "Take, Eat"
F.R. David — Correctional Facility
F.R. David — Very Good

On the evening the policy will be “Buy one get one free (back issue)”

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