This Container (Ed. 4)
Chloe Chignell with Maia Means
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This Container is an open host for texts and documents that come through and alongside choreographic thinking. It’s a recipe, but not for eating; a sequel to everything up until now; horizontal tourism; many feminists’ elegy; opinions weakened with time; an inaudible lesbian opera; a future ballet manifesto; dances and desires; cheating discipline; purposely misplaced; only poems; statements and speculations; a diagram for artistic research; and an incomplete encyclopaedia of random knowledge and dear dances. This Container takes shape according to its content, without organising through prominent narratives or figures, this container wants to weave, leaving holes and threads between the forms of writing.

Jul/Aug 2017

Sarah Aiken 
Anna Bontha
Chloe Chignell
Angela Goh
Rebecca Jensen
Maia Means
Rasmus Ölme
Frida Sandstrom
Ellen Soderhult
Louise Trueheart
Vanessa Virta
Jan Nyberg

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