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Sun 21 July until Thu 22 August 2024

[News] Summer closing

We are closed this summer from the 21st of July until the 22th of August. The webshop will be open, packages will still be sent out.
Have a beautiful summer. x

Recent Projects

Sun 07 July 2024 (15:00)

[Reading] Corrections and Clarifications, with Anita Di Bianco

Join us for a reading and presentation of Corrections and Clarifications, by Anita Di Bianco, a publication project tracing daily revisions, retractions and re-wordings of print and online news. Anita will read from the June 2024 edition, charting patterns of selective telling and misrepresentation of the Eastern Mediterannean region from 1981 to the present, and from Adrenalin, a poetry collection by Palestinian author Ghayath Almadoun.

All sales from this event will be donated to Warm Bed asbl, a grassroots organisation providing and facilitating the housing of Palestinian refugees in Brussels. Additional editions have been donated to the fundraiser by Cutt Press and Anita Di Bianco.


Sat 06 July 2024 (17:00)

[Reading] Loucka Fiagan

Welcome to A time will come where there will be nothing left but ashes, a reading-performance by Brussels based poet, musican and artist Loucka Fiagan. The performance draws together sound, field recordings and two poetic essay-fictions written during a recent trip to the Canary Islands.


Sun 16 June 2024 (15:00)

[Launch] Confidences / Oracle, by Ivan Cheng

Join us for the book launch of Confidences / Oracle (OCT0, 2024). Ivan Cheng will read passages from his latest theatre novel, which extends the vampire universe established in earlier volumes of the Confidences series.


Sat 15 June 2024 (17:00)

[Reading] Moon Mirrored Indivisible by Farid Matuk

Join us for a reading by US based, Syrian-Peruvian writer Farid Matuk. He will read new poems from the forthcoming collection Moon Mirrored Indivisible. The poems explore the aesthetic perversions of syntax and rhyme to search for yet unrealized perversions and purities amidst national, sexual, and ancestral orthodoxies. After the reading he will be in joined in conversation by Brussels based writer Filip Jakab.


Sun 09 June 2024 (15:00 — 16:00)

[Launch] To Enter The Forest by Lucia Palladino

Join us for the launch of To Enter The Forest, a new artist edition by Lucia Palladino published by Nero Editions (2024). On the occasion of the launch Lucia will activate the publication with a performative reading. 


Sun 26 May until Sun 07 July 2024 (12:00-14:00)

[Reading group] ...have ...word reading group, series 2

We are excited to invite you to ...have ...word, our second series of bimonthly reading groups. In this series we will look into the concrete and spectral forces attempting to govern our languages. Through poetry and essay we will dissect the frameworks that shape the way words act in the world and on our bodies. Questioning what it is to have, to hold, to let go, to be transformed by language.


Fri 10 May until Sat 01 June 2024

rile* reading room for Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Welcome to the rile* reading room hosted as part of Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2024. Come and visit us at the festival centre at KVS to browse through our collection of books weaving together themes of the festival. You can find artist books and theory on labor, memory, the kitchen table, performance and choreography.


Sun 28 April 2024 (15:00)

[Reading] Mira Mattar

Join us for a reading by writer and poet Mira Mattar. Mira is the author of Yes, I Am A Destroyer (2020), Affiliation (2021), The Bow (2021), and most recently And most of all I would miss the shadows of the tree’s own leaves cast upon its trunk by the orange streetlight in the sweet blue darks of spring (2024). She will read from recent work, as well as from work by other authors.


Sat 27 April 2024 (20:00)

[Reading] The Dove's Panic

Join us for The dove's panic, a series of polyphonic readings initiated by Céline Mathieu. With readings by Lucie de Bréchard, Théo Casciani, Hrefna Hörn, Céline Mathieu, Lucy McKenzie and Bernke Klein Zandvoort.


Wed 24 April 2024 (19:00)

Living Contents #4

Welcome to the fourth iteration of “Living contents”, a set of readings, publications and performances by students and guests of the ReadingListeningSpeaking seminar at Erg Brussels.

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