Sun 29 January 2023 (16:00-17:30)

[Reading] Sharon Kivland & Susan Finlay

Join us on Sunday the 29th of January for a presentation by Sharon Kivland (Abécédaire) and Susan Finlay (The Jacques Lacan Foundation), both published by Moist Books in 2022. 

Susan will give a talk-dash-performance based around small snippets of her book, The Jacques Lacan Foundation. Sharon will be reading from her novel Abécédaire, sharing entries concerning various Jacques, including Lacan.

16.00 - 17.30: Readings by Sharon and Susan

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About Susan Finlay
Susan Finlay is the author of three poetry pamphlets and five novels, most recently The Jacques Lacan Foundation (MOIST 2022). Her work has appeared in publications such as POETRY, The Stinging Fly, WORMS, and MAP, and she has been writer-in-residence at a number of institutions including the Freud Museum in London, and Callie's in Berlin.

About Sharon Kivland
Sharon Kivland is an artist and writer. Her work considers what is put at stake by art, politics, and psychoanalysis. She is currently working on the natural form, fables after La Fontaine, and the furies. She is also an editor and publisher, the latter under the imprint MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE. She is completing a new book, entitled Almanach.

[Reading] Sharon Kivland & Susan Finlay
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