Sun 10 March 2024 (15:00)

[Practice sharing] With eyes closed I see

Join us for “With eyes closed I see”, a sharing of performative reading practices from Glaneuses et Vers Terre (Gleaners and the Worms), a collective research project by Emilie Gallier, Nina Boas, and Nienke Terpsma. They will host a participatory reading session, entering text as a landscape to move within.

This practice sharing is orangised in the context of Disclosing Practice...s in collaboration with radical_hope.

15:00 - 15:15 Arrival & tea
15:15 - 16:15 Practice sharing & reading 

About Gleaners and the Worms
Glaneuses et Vers de Terre (Gleaners and the Worms) is a collection of research practices by choreographer Emilie Gallier, visual artist Nina Boas, and artist/editor Nienke Terpsma. It grows on diverse fields and brings together different soils: choreography, somatic practices, mask making, singing, the art of conversation, reading, writing, editing and soft publishing. We dive in postural studies (bodies bending down in gardens and on side walks), digestions of soils by bodies of intestines, tactile approaches to landscapes, worm books and book worms.

Glaneuses et Vers de Terre cultivates ways of being with landscape as we are absorbed within it rather than as a detached spectacle to observe. We look for verbs, gestures to sense our bodies in connection with soils and skies. Head down, butt up, we turn down to the lives out of our sight: the worms deep under, the birds beyond the horizon. Inclined, we grow bodies of roots and waterfalls that take up water and poor it back out, enabling complete cycles and processes of regeneration to take place.

About Disclosing Practices...
Disclosing Practice... consists of an open series of workshops, retreats, dialogues, performances and public presentations supporting artistic research practices to be uncovered, revisited, reconsidered, rediscovered, disrupted, re-iterated, re-activated, shared, shown and understood anew in new contexts and through new practitioners.
Disclosing Practice... is the continuation of Choreography as Conditioning, a collective process of "writing through practices" that resulted in a book series with the same name edited by Alex Arteaga and Heike Langsdorf,
and, as a framework, finds facilitation and support by radical_hope.

About the artists
Emilie Gallier is a choreographer who lives between Leiden (The Netherlands) and Les Minieres (France), and senior researcher at the Lectorate of the Academy of Theatre and Dance (Amsterdam). She developed the idea and practice of reading in and as performance, in her PhD: ‘Reading in Performance, Lire en Spectacle’ (Centre for Dance Research Coventry University, DAS Graduate School, 2021). She published ‘Papier incomestible’ (De Nieuwedansbibliotheek, 2020), and ‘sync’ (Wintertuin, 2012). She initiated 'Glaneuses et Vers de Terre' in 2022 with Nina Boas and Nienke Terpsma. 

Nina Boas, visual artist and theater maker, blends rituals, visual performance, and theater with a healing focus. Her diverse expressions include performances, audience-involved rituals, and installations guiding meditation through visual journeys. A co-founder of PAE, member of the TRICKSTER ensemble and part of the Botanic Circus duo. Boas programmed a performance art event in the Amstelpark in 2018 entitled Echoes of Shamanism and since then the focus of her art practice has increasingly been self-healing.

Nienke Terpsma is artist and book designer. Together with Rob Hamelijnck she makes the traveling artist-(maga)zine for non-academic research Fucking Good Art. FGA is engaged in field research into life around the art work, the humus and (local) conditions, with a special interest in oral history, histories of ideas, anarchism, and ecology. 

Glaneuses et Vers de Terre is supported by: ATD Lectorate Amsterdam, DAS Research Development Funds, Association Les Minières, Nuits des Forets, Regards Dansants, Le Trident Cherbourg, Schrittmacher Festival, RicercaX, Lavanderia a Vapore. 

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