Emilie De L'arbre
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ἔξωκοῖτος is a journey through languages, a voyage through time and space. From Latin to Persian, Inuktitut, English, Dutch and French. This project is based on the idea of suppression in language; in particular on the different elements that compose writing systems, their functions and their potential persistance in our daily lives.

The publication gathers at the same time poetic, theoretical, experimental texts and typographic sketches. It is composed of 3 parts and the first one contains 9 chapters. Its title 'ἔξωκοῖτος' - from the ancient Greek, 'who comes out of his abode' and the Latin exōcoetus or 'a fish that sleeps on the shore'. The book is a form of palindrome, which means that it can be read in both directions.


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